About Us

What do we do? Our organisation is a Competitive Co-Ed Drop in Sports League. Our main objective is to provide affordable and well organized pick up and drop in sports (soccer, Footy, European Football, basketball, volleyball, hockey, flag football, etc.) games to the community and facilitate networking among players.

What makes us special and efficient? We are passionate about sports and we want to bring you the games at your convenience. If you don't have time to commit to a team, if you can't pay expensive fees to play in team leagues in the city, if you are not available for the strict schedule required by team leagues, if you want to just show up at your convenience and play without being tied to a specific team , if you want to pay exactly for what you play and not sit on the bench, then our league is the answer.

Who am I playing with? Classy, respectful and open mind ladies and gentlemen who play for fun, for the love of the game, and more importantly to exercise and stay sharp and healthy.

Can I come with friends and play as a team? Definitely. You can come with your friends or co-workers and play together as a team.

Drop in Fees: The modest Drop in Fees required to play are used to pay for the costly field rentals (indoors & outdoors), buy and maintain the equipment (scrimmage vests, pinnies, gloves, portable goals, goal nets, cones, corner flags, ...) , build and maintain the web site and advertise the league through social medias (facebook, google, kijiji,..).

Fair Play: Our league is all about fair play. We are classy ladies and gentlemen and we award a fair play price at some of the drop in games that we organize. Conduct yourself with class and you are going to be rewarded.Check the fair play checklist here.

Become a volunteer with our league? We always need volunteers to help organize the games. By volunteering, you play anytime for free, make a lot of friends and gain valuable skills and experience about sport events organization and management.

Last, but not least? Our league always has new people at every single game and it is the perfect place to meet new and interesting classy ladies and gentlemen from all over the world and make friends while playing the beautiful game.

Leadership Team:
@enoumen, P.Eng
Founder and Manager.