Fair Play


Fair Play Award Winner

Our league is all about fair play. We are classy ladies and gentlemen and our objective is to be competitive and enjoy the beautiful game in the most safer and amicable way. We want to strengthen the fair play spirit by rewarding players who conduct themselves with class and are fair play. Among the benefits:
  • Priority to play and be put on the RSVP list if the game is full
  • Discounts when buying games packages here
Conduct yourself with class and you are very likely going to become a special player.
Below is the check list that our game organizer will observe when checking fair play players:

  • RSVP properly and attend the games regularly.

  • Arrive at the game on time and don't leave before the end of the game.

  • Dress properly and safely with indoor shoes for indoors, outdoor shoes for outdoors, wear shin pads, and long soccer socks, soccer shorts and tee-shirts or soccer jerseys. Don't wear rings, chains or any other unsafe objects.

  • Respect the volunteer game organizers.

  • Respect all your team-mates and opponents.

  • Don't argue with the game organizers and don't argue or complain about the rules.

  • Don't be too aggressive, especially when you are facing slower or weaker opponents.

  • Stop the action when a player is down. Help a team-mate who is down injured.

  • Don't mock, dismiss or talk down to anyone who is not playing well by your standards. Encourage them instead to get better.

  • Don't play for a draw, score anytime if you have the chance to do so.

  • Call your own fouls and don't waste time arguing about a call even if you think it is the wrong call.

  • If you are not playing, don't kick the ball around on the sideline where the players on the bench are sitting down.

  • Control your temper, No "F" word, be respectful towards everybody involved, be a classy lady or a gentleman.

  • Don't insult anyone and don't start a fight no matter what. Don't retaliate no mater what, talk to the game organizer instead.

The game organizer always watch all the players carefully and keep track of how they behave. If you respect all those fair play points above, you will be labelled as a "special player" and receive plenty of discounts and have RSVP priority when games are full.
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