HOW TO PARTICIPATE: For First Timers, Register online and read and accept the waiver and liability here. After registering, RSVP here if you are in Calgary or here if you are in Edmonton, Download your Djamga App on iTunes or Android and just show up on the field to play.


Read below what it takes to organize these games and be respectful and fair play
1-Field booking (Call the city for field closure info at 3-1-1)
2- Portable goals with nets
3- Goal nets (24 x 8), cones, corner flags,...
4- pinnies & scrimmage vests
5- Equipment maintenance and Equipment transportation to and from the field.
6- Paid advertisement (Meetup group , Facebook page's event ads, kijiji ads, google adwords.)
7- Web site hosting, development and maintenance
8- Event page designs...
9- Organizer time and effort.
WHEN: From April to September. Check Calgary's Schedule here. Check Edmonton's Schedule here

GAME TIME: Check the complete outdoor schedule Check Calgary's Schedule here. Check Edmonton's Schedule here

FIELD LOCATION: Check Calgary's Field locations here. Check Edmonton's Field Locations here
  • There are no subs. Everyone has the same amount of playing time with their team-mates.

  • No offside. Players call their own fouls. In case of disagreements, the game organizer makes the last call.

  • Zero tolerance for violent conduct. We are gentlemen and we play for fun.

  • All free kicks are direct.

DRESSING CODE: Outdoor Soccer shoes, shin pads and socks are strongly recommended. We provide pinnies.

INJURIES/WAIVER: ShowUpAndPlaySports is not responsible for your injuries. Read the waiver here before attending any game.

CODE OF CONDUCT: This is recreational soccer and we are gentlemen. If you fight or insult anyone, you are dismissed forever. The referee's decision is always final.

PASSING THE BALL: We have more fun when we pass the ball. If a player dribbles consistently and doesn't pass the ball, he will be ejected from the game.

GOAL KEEPER: If no one is willing to play keeper for the entire game for a specific team, that team will rotate players for the goalkeeping position.

QUESTIONS? Email us here