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Outdoor Games rules and details for Games hosted by SHOWUPANDPLAY


Read below what it takes to organize these games and be respectful and fair play
1-Field booking (Call the city for field closure info at 3-1-1)
2- Portable goals with nets
3- Goal nets (24 x 8), cones, corner flags,...
4- pinnies & scrimmage vests
5- Equipment maintenance and Equipment transportation to and from the field.
6- Paid advertisement (Meetup group , Facebook page's event ads, kijiji ads, google adwords.)
7- Web site hosting, development and maintenance
8- Event page designs...
9- Organizer time and effort.
WHEN: From April to September. Check Calgary's Schedule here. Check Edmonton's Schedule here

GAME TIME: Check the complete outdoor schedule Check Calgary's Schedule here. Check Edmonton's Schedule here

FIELD LOCATION: Check Calgary's Field locations here. Check Edmonton's Field Locations here
  • There are no subs. Everyone has the same amount of playing time with their team-mates.

  • No offside. Players call their own fouls. In case of disagreements, the game organizer makes the last call.

  • Zero tolerance for violent conduct. We are gentlemen and we play for fun.

  • All free kicks are direct.

DRESSING CODE: Outdoor Soccer shoes, shin pads and socks are strongly recommended. We provide pinnies.

INJURIES/WAIVER: ShowUpAndPlaySports is not responsible for your injuries. Read the waiver here before attending any game.

CODE OF CONDUCT: This is recreational soccer and we are gentlemen. If you fight or insult anyone, you are dismissed forever. The referee's decision is always final.

PASSING THE BALL: We have more fun when we pass the ball. If a player dribbles consistently and doesn't pass the ball, he will be ejected from the game.

GOAL KEEPER: If no one is willing to play keeper for the entire game for a specific team, that team will rotate players for the goalkeeping position.

QUESTIONS? Email us here