RSVP Rules - How to RSVP

The maximum number of player per soccer game is 21 for 1 hour soccer game, and 15 for 1 hour BasketBall game.
It is very important to RSVP to book your spot. Below are the RSVP how-to and RSVP rules:

RSVP with First name, Last Lame or Last Name initials:
Example: John Doe or John D.
RSVPing with First name or pseudonyms only are not accepted.

  • If you RSVP and you are not on the field at the start of the game, you will be replaced by players who are on time and are on the waiting list.
  • If you RSVP to a game and you don't attend the game 2 times in a row, your future RSVPs won't be taken into consideration.
Players are selected based on the Game Day RSVP list FIRST.
If the game is not full or if players who RSVPed are late or didn't show up, the priority to play will be as follows:
  • Players who RSVP online and are on the waiting list and showed up on time.
  • After the game starts, Players who RSVP, and present on the field.

  • After the game starts and all the RSVPed are playing, it will be First come, First play for the rest if there are still open spots

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